Annual accounting and tax declaration

Draw a positive balance

The Austrian tax law makes tax returns for entrepreneurs and those self-employed a complex and time-consuming matter.

Nevertheless, tax returns and their basis, the company balance or the revenue and expenditure accounting are vital tools for the success analysis: it is the basis on which other, i.e. business partners, clients and banks, draw conclusions about your company. We file your tax return and do your annual balance so that you can use all accounting options as efficiently as possible and there are no disadvantages for your company.

The accounting includes a retrospective discussion about consequences and concrete measure for the future. The CTS company diagnosis offers a comparison over several years showing trends and key figures for your business. Naturally, we also advise you on how to make best use of tax investment benefits and claim special expenses, advertising expenses and exceptional costs for you.

Together with the tax return, we calculate the expected tax payment or tax credit. The preparation of the financial statements is followed by a verification of your revenues and a post-calculation.

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