Payroll accounting

Your key success factor

Your employees are a vital factor of success for you and your business. Leading your staff and keeping them motivated presents an ongoing challenge for every entrepreneur. To then also focus on regulations concerning salaries and wages, incidental labor costs, subsidies, labor law issues and statistics is almost impossible.

This is where the specialists come in – we support you with all aspects of payroll-accounting.

Services we provide in this area include the following:

  • Monthly billing
  • Registrations and de-registrations
  • Employment contracts
  • Contacts with local authorities
  • Transmission of all required annual reports
  • Advice on labor law issues and social security matters
  • Clarification of general questions related to personnel
  • Wage/salary certificates
  • Keeping vacation files
  • Administration of salary seizures and filling out third-party debtor declaration
  • Filing of staff sick days (deadline for continuation of payments for employees, claims for reimbursement at the AUVA)
  • Support with wage tax and social security audits

We gladly provide you with information on these and other CTS services in a free initial consultation. Contact us today!

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