Business consultancy

More than taxes

Full-service consultation is our core business and as an external expert we take a holistic look at your company in other words, we are not blinded by routine, we recognize potentials for improvement more easily.

From drawing up a business plan to continuous controlling, we support our clients during all phases of self-employment. You benefit from CTS’ wide-ranging expertise, which includes sector analyses, efficiency improvement, quality improvement and profitability analyses. Our clients see us as more than just tax consultants – we assist them in managing their company efficiently and effectively.

Our services include the following:

  • Drawing up business plans
  • Choice of legal form
  • Annual fall meeting to take tax and strategy-related measures before the end of the year
  • Advice on financing matters
  • Continuous controlling
  • Sector analyses
  • Reorganisations
  • Company audits
  • Tax litigation advice
  • Cost accounting, controlling, budgeting
  • Advice on overall organisation

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