Data Protection Declaration

To protect your personalized data is a special concern for us. Therefore we are processing your data solely on the basis of legal regulations (DSGVO, TKG 2003). This data protection regulation provides information about the most important aspects of data processing within the framework of our website.

Contact with us / name and contact details of the one responsible for processing

The one being responsible in the sense of the DSGVO is:

CTS Steuerberatung GmbH
Shareholder and CEO: Mag. Andreas Valsky, LL.M.
Börseplatz 4
1010 Vienna

You can either contact us via the above mentioned address or by email: vienna [at] or with the help of contact form provided on our website.

General recording when accessing the website

Each time our website is accessed by a person or an automated system a number of general data and information will be recorded. Those general information and data are stored in the log-files of our server. The following can be recorded:

  • the Internet-Protocol-Address (IP-Address)
  • the date and time of accessing the website
  • the exact sub-page to which it was headed for on the website
  • the website, from which you were routed to our website (the so-called “Referrer”)
  • the used Browser and the current version
  • and the operating system used for this access

The above mentioned data are processed by us for the following reasons:

  • for granting a smooth connection set-up of the website
  • for optimizing the content of the website
  • for granting the security and stability of the system

All these issues are for sure both your and our justified interest. Besides that those data might also be used, if necessary, to fulfill our legal obligations for cooperation with law enforcement authorities. In no way we are making use of this data for the purpose of drawing conclusions about your person. The storage period of those log-files amounts to two months.

Data collection in case of contact

In case you contact us in written form, by phone, via the contact form on our website or by email or if you apply for a job your provided data will be kept with us for the purpose of processing your request and for being able to answer possible additional questions for the legal storage period. This data won’t be forwarded to third persons/entities without having obtained your written approval.

Data collection in case of registration for the newsletter

You have the possibility to subscribe to our newsletter via our website. This newsletter provides you with information in connection with tax law related specialist information, about future events and also about the range and variety of services we offer to our clients as well as general information about our offices (like for example our availability, the opening hours during the Christmas Season, company holidays, changes in our staff, etc.). For being able to provide you with this newsletter we do require your name, your company name, your email address and your statement that you agree to obtain our newsletter.

As soon as you have registered for our newsletter, we will submit to you a confirmation email with a link to confirm this registration.

Of course you can revoke the confirmation to receive this newsletter at any time without giving any reasons by either sending an email to the email address mentioned above or sending such a revocation by regular mail to the address stated above. Furthermore a revocation is also possible by clicking the deregistration link at the end of each newsletter.


Our website makes use of so-called cookies. Those are small text files, which are dropped with the help of a browser on your terminal. They won’t do any harm.

We make use of these cookies to make our offer user-friendly. Some of these cookies are stored on your terminal until they are deleted by you. Those cookies enable us to recognize your browser the next time you visit our website.

In case you are not interested in that you can set up your browser in a way, that you will get an information when a cookie will be dropped and it is up to you if you accept that or not.

In case cookies are deactivated the functionality of our website can be limited.

Webhoster / Provider

The webspace provider stores the data about the access to our website (in so-called server-log-files). Those data are: name of the website, report about the access to the website, type of browser, operating system, referrer-URL (previously visited website), IP-address and the requesting provider). Those data will just be stored due to statistical purposes and for optimizing the security of the hosting system.

Period of data storage

The user data will be stored and kept for the legal storage period. After the expiration of this period the relevant data will be deleted routinely, unless they are not necessary any more for fulfilling a contract or contract initiation.

Updating the regulations

We reserve the right to amend those regulations at any time according to the very business requirements.

Your rights

Generally speaking you have the followings rights: information, corrections, cancellation, limitation, transfer of data, revocation and contradiction. In case you are of the opinion that the processing of your data is violating the data protection law or your personal data protection claims are violated in any other way, we may ask you to contact us immediately to clarify all possible questions and uncertainties. Of course you can also complain about that to the supervisory authority. In Austria this is the Data Protection Authority.

Of course we are also ready to provide you with any kind of information about data protection on our website.

Data Protection Declaration for clients

This declaration states, how CTS Steuerberatung GmbH, Börseplatz 4, 1010 Wien (“we”) process your personalized data. This declaration is aiming at our existing and former clients, prospective clients and possible future clients as well as to the respective shareholders, organs and other employees.

1. Purpose of data processing

We will process your personalized data for the following purposes:

  • for the set-up, administration and handling of the business relationship
  • to support the existing relationships with clients and for the development of new client relationships or to address prospective clients, including the information about current legal developments and our services provided (Marketing)
  • in case we were already instructed to an internal organization or damage management of the offices

and if instructed by the client:

  • to provide the payroll accounting for the client (including monthly salary and wage calculation, monthly and annually reporting to the authorities, etc.)
  • to provide the financial accounting for the client
  • to execute consulting and representation activities in the area of tax law and economic affairs
  • to consult and represent them in case of contribution, insurance and performance affairs  of social securities
  • to represent them before the administrative court and administrative authorities and before legally recognized churches and religious groups in case of contribution affairs and also to represent them before all other kind of official acting institutions and
  • to any other kind of consulting and to taking over of trusteeships issues and to the management of wealth to the extent of authorization according to para 2 WTBG 2017
  • as well as to all other instructed activity according to para 2 WTBG 2017
  • to the independent execution of any kind of audits and investigation activities which were agreed upon
  • to do the financial accounting (business accounting) including the payroll accounting as well as the cost accounting (calculation), including the consulting in those areas
  • to consult and provide support in the area of financial reporting and setting up the annual accounts
  • to render all consulting services and activities in connection with the corporate accounting
  • to render consulting services concerning the establishment and organization of an internal controlling system
  • to render consulting in the area of restructuring, especially in regard of preparation of restructuring expert opinions, to organize restructuring plans, the examination of restructuring plans and the accompanying control when executing such restructuring plans
  • to render consulting services and representation in foreign currency matters (without representation before ordinary courts)
  • to issue technical experts opinions in the areas of financial accounting and corporate accounting and also in those fields of business, where the knowledge of financial accounting or business administration is necessary to issue an experts opinion
  • to practice all fiduciary activities, to which is referred to in other laws with the explicit regulation, that those can only be carried out by auditors or tax consultants in a legal way
  • to take over trusteeship activities and to manage wealth with the exemption of the management of buildings
  • to provide consultancy services in the area of technical work questions and
  • to act as mediator
  • as well as take care of all ordered activities according to para § 3 WTBG 2017

In case we raise this personalized data directly from you, the provision of this data is generally speaking voluntarily. Of course our activities cannot or partly not be fulfilled, if you do not provide your personalized data to us.

2. Legal basis of the processing

In case you are a prospective or potential future client we will only process your contact details for the purpose of direct marketing by the means of submission of electronic mail or by phone contact after having received your approval  according to para 6 /1 lit a of the Data Protection Regulation (“DSGVO”).

In case you are an existing client we will process your personalized data, because this is necessary to fulfill the concluded contract with you (para 6 / 1 lt. b DSGVO).

Apart from that we are processing your personalized data on the basis of our predominant justified interest, to reach the goals mentioned under point 1 (para 6 /1 lit. f DSGVO) and on the legal basis of the WTBG 2017 (para 9 /2, lit. g DSGVO)

3. Submission of personalized data

As far as this is necessary according to the purposes mentioned under point 1, we will submit your personalized data to the following recipients:

  • from us used IT-service providers and other service providers in relation to marketing activities
  • administrative authorities, courts and corporate bodies of public law
  • tax consultants and certified accountants for the purpose of auditing
  • Insurance companies due to the conclusion of an insurance contract for a service or the occurrence of an insured event (e.g. liability insurance)
  • clients, insofar as it relates to data of the shareholders, organs and other employees of the very client
  • cooperation partners and legal entities, working for us
  • other recipients determined by the client (e.g. affiliated companies of the client)
  • additionally in case of personalized data of employees of our clients in the area of payroll accounting
    • creditors of the employee and furthermore others which might be part of a possible legal prosecution, also in case of voluntary salary assignment in connection with debts due
    • organs of the operational and legal interest representations
    • insurance companies within the framework of group or individual insurances as well as employee pension funds (MVK)
    • to banks which are dealing with the payment to employees or to third parties
    • in-house doctors and pension funds
    • co-insured persons and
  • additionally in the area of financial and administrational accounting of the client:
    • collection agencies taking care of debt collection
    • banks on behalf of the client
    • factoring companies, assignees and leasing companies

Some of the above mentioned recipients might be located outside of Austria or can process the personalized data outside of Austria. The level of data protection in those countries might not reach the standards applicable in Austria. Therefore we will set measures which ensure that all recipients offer an appropriate data protection level. For example we conclude standard contractual clauses (2010/87/EC and/or 2004/915/EC). Those are available on request (please see point 6).

4. Storage period

We are storing your personalized data generally until the termination of our business relationship which was the reason why we have collected this data or until the expiration of the applicable legal limitation and safekeeping periods; furthermore until the termination of possible legal disputes in which the data might be necessary as a proof. Insofar as you are a client, a former client, a prospective or potential new client or a contact person of one of those mentioned before, we are storing your personalized data for the purpose of marketing until we receive your contradiction or your revocation to the storage, insofar as the marketing measure was based on your approval.

5. Your rights in connection with personalized data

Among others you are entitled (i) to check, if and which kind of your personalized data is processed by us and to obtain copies of this data, (ii) the correction, to request the supplement and the deletion of this personalized data, insofar as they are not correct or not processed according to existing law, (iii) to request from us to limit the processing of your personalized data, (iv) under certain circumstances to disagree to the processing of your personalized data or to revoke the previously given consent to the processing of the personalized data, whereby such a revocation does not influence the legal conformity of the processing of the data, prior to the receipt of the revocation, (v) to request transferability of the data, as far as you are our client (vi) to know the identity of third persons to whom your personalized data is transferred to and (vii) to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority.

6. Our contact details

Should you have any questions in regard of this declaration or if you want to file an application, please contact us as follows:

CTS Steuerberatung GmbH
Shareholder and CEO: Mag. Andreas Valsky, LL.M.
Börseplatz 4
1010 Vienna
vienna [at]